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Do you need to find a solution to a management or business issue? Haven't got the time or expertise to solve the problem? We are here to help. Contact us now to arrange a free and confidential initial consultation. MBC Consulting works with organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors and offers a personal service tailored to individual needs.

Maurice Cohen with Michael Grade
Maurice Cohen receiving an award from Michael Grade for his work with schools

Our Services:

Maurice Cohen is the Director and Principal Consultant for MBC Consulting. He brings to tasks a clear strategic focus, a can-do achievement attitude, excellent planning, organisational and communication skills and the energy to drive initiatives forward.

Our Values

Commitment We deliver on our promises
Integrity We treat all clients and colleagues with trust and respect
Quality We demonstrate outstanding ability in all we do
Service Our priority is to do all that is required to benefit our clients

“Maurice Cohen has worked as Principal Consultant to the 'Pathways to Success' consortium of schools and colleges for the past two years. His organisation and commitment have been outstanding. Maurice is both an idealist and a pragmatist which is a golden combination in a consultant. His meticulous attention to detail and diligent hard work is highly impressive.”
Dr. Jan Hunt, Head Teacher, Diss High School, Norfolk

“Maurice’s work is of a consistently high quality and he builds excellent relationships with customers and stakeholders. He is flexible and accommodating in his approach and has tremendous reserves of initiative. I am happy to recommend his work.”
Veronica Windmill, Chief Executive, Association of Colleges in the Eastern Region (ACER)